Allo was formed with a purpose to be the innovative ICT enabler of smart cities. Allo’s core purpose is to facilitate the development of smart cities through reliable ICT infrastructure.

Allo’s Core Values

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    We believe excellence cannot be compromised. We strive to provide products and services of the highest quality so that our clients are equipped with robust technology that enables them to deliver quality services as well.

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    “Allo-ers” understand that our role in providing products and services that make an indelible mark on the community every day. We take pride in this simple fact, which drives every one of us to be a yardstick of quality.

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    Integrity is about living up to our true identity all the time and without compromise. Allo-ers refuse to compromise on our core values knowing that the quality of our work will determine the quality that our clients and partners are able to deliver as well.

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    We place great value on all our internal and external customers. We believe in treating all our stakeholders with a family mindset knowing that their success or even a co-worker’s success will drive our own development.

Innovation to Enable Innovation

Reliable connectivity is crucial to the successful implementation of just about any innovative smart city solution. Allo forms the bridge between smart city solutions and the community who will use these services.